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I Looked at the CP 360i (can't find the CP 290i) and it looks good. A couple of years ago I considered buying a standard horizon chartplotter but ended up buying the Raymarine e7. The SH product comes with Jeppson (???) charts installed. They were a good charting system but any updates mean that you sent the chip back to the company which didn't seem very user friendly. On the other hand, I like the company and feel they have good customer service. The thing to consider here is how you can interface the plotter with a laptop for chartwork at home. It's much easier to do route planning on a larger computer screen than the small plotter. I don't like Raymarine's PC program as it is very cumbersome but I have come to like the chartplotter. It was a bit less intuitive than I was used to. I like the Navionics charts better than Garmin's Blue Charts but I found Garmin's plotters and PC program very easy to use.

Long story short, I would look at the unit's ability to connect to a PC as an important component of the unit. I am unfamiliar with Standard Horizon's ability to connect. I would look at Garmin's and Raymarine's e7 as good units.

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