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I am relatively new to sailing. My boat is a 30 foot Catalina and sailing territory will be the Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds of North Carolina.

I have been shopping for an EPIRB and have read the threads on sailnet and other sources for information. The literature strongly suggests a full EPIRB rather than PLBs (personal locator beacons) for "off shore use".

I have been looking at the new McMurdo Fastfind Max G PLB 406 EPIRB. The device is waterproof to 38 feet, gives a 48 hour signal, includes GPS but not a strobe. Overall I am thinking that this unit may meet my needs as we are not actually sailing off-shore (generally in VHF range) and, aside from the strobe and rugged construction, answers many of the objections that I have heard regarding the use of PLBs as a primary EPIRB device.

I also have some minor issues with mounting and potential mounting locations, size and lastly cost that are swaying me toward the McMurdo unit.

Before I try to sell my wife on the idea, any thoughts from more experienced sailors would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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