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Loss of power, black smoke, bad engine sound, black residue in water, but oil not dropping when measured by dipstick. I thought it was the air cleaner, but after cleaning that out I'm now guessing it's the fuel filter assembly. Changing a fuel filter is easy, but my Racor 500FG with 10 micron filter is not draining (goes back to a "repair" some friends and I made on a long cruise). I'm seeing a lot of black in the transparent reservoir and can't drain it out with the shuttlecock. [Engine is Universal M25-XPA with 750 hours.]

My next 'short term fix' attempt will be to suck the gunk out manually after pulling the filter, but I suspect I need to replace the ~$200 unit to fully fix this, and I won't feel comfortable using the engine much until I do. Which leads to these questions:

0. Got a better idea on short term fix?
1. What do I need to measure to ensure that the replacement unit I order will install to spec? I see multiple sizes of the same name/numbered unit...
2. What do I need to buy in misc. parts and supplies to ensure I can successfully install the replacement? e.g. more hoses, special wrenches
3. Do you know of a step-by-step video or photo on this process?
4. What pitfalls can you alert me to avoid?
5. Should I just bite the bullet and pay for help?

Thanks for any tips.
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