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Hoping for some expert advice!

My husband is an experienced sailor. As a surprise, I want to charter a bareboat for him to sail with seven other people in July. I'm hoping to put the whole thing together, but I'm a bit lost (I'm not a sailor). Was hoping someone had some advice:

1. Is there a recommended place to charter the boat (can be either in our out of NYC, but in the general NYC area)? It would be for 8 people total. Bareboat/no captain as my husband is experienced.

2. He is the only experienced sailor and would be with three other adults and 4 teens. The adults are all strong and two, in particular, would be very helpful (e.g. strong, athletic, fast learners). Is there a recommended type of boat for that type of group?

3. I have read on the forum to use the moorings at New Harbor. As it is first come; first serve, is there an ideal time to arrive?

4. How many days would this take? From other forum posts, it seems like a five day trip (?)

5. Any other considerations I am not thinking about? Am open to any suggestions!

6. Are there better locations that I should consider?

Thank you for any advice!
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