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welcome to the sailing community. an interest in sailing is a start. i didn't get bitten by the bug 'til i was 26 myself, although i've been around water for most of my life. before moving to ga., i worked the water in the tangier sound, chesapeake bay area. yes, there are lots of marinas and schools of instruction i'm sure you could find plenty of takers for your offer. just remember, take pride in what task you are performing for them, for some may be quite menial and seem to offer no incentive towards your learning to sail. but part of sailing is knowing everything about your vessel, and what better way to learn than starting at the keel and working your way up. scraping barnacles is a suckie job at best, but somebody's gotta do it. also the suggestion of getting something small to start with is a good one. a small open cockpit with a jib and main would do the trick. practice, practice, practice. congratulations on your level of education and obtaining your pilots license . the pilots license i would like to obtain is the one that puts me behind a ships wheel. i'm terrified of gravity, although i've flown a few times. good luck, and once again welcome........
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