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Hello everyone, I've been a long time silent admirer of these forums. I guess I've recently joined because I just started a big rebuild and will appreciate the community that is SailNet.

A little about me. I grew up on the East Coast of Canada and had a few summers of dinghy sailing and that's about it for experience.

Then two years ago I bought a 1976 Cooper Catalina 27 in Vancouver, Canada and have been living aboard ever since.

I've spent the past two summers out living on the hook, sailing around (all single handed), teaching myself along the way. I covered about 1000 miles last summer and really pushed and learned about my boat.

Two weeks ago I lowered the mast with the help of the local yard. I'm now in the process of recoring the cabin top around the mast step (allready opened up, ground out, and almost ready for filling), replacing all the standing rigging, chainplates, rebedding all deck hardware, strengthening both hatches, sealing up the outboard transom hole, mounting my WindPilot windvane, having a third reef point sewn in my main, replacing all portholes with Lexan surface mounted cutouts, and of course countless other small and large details.

Then, summer of 2010 I set sail for the first big jump - San Francisco or San Diego. Then from there, who knows.
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