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OK, for all those who wanted an update (all right one person) on what we have done since arriving back in Grenada, here it is. We have not been near a sailboat since February when we got the boat hauled. Since then I have been working very busily on a high school textbook project. This is nothing new, I have been doing these since the 1970s. The royalty income goes up and down but it adds enough to the kitty that we can live comfortably and travel a lot. We also sold our house and bought a new townhouse on Lake Ontario east of Toronto. We figure this will make it easier to leave if we want to head off for extended periods of time since outside maintenance it is looked after. Turn down the thermostat and away we go.

We will return to Grenada in November and do a couple of jobs (bottom paint, move the solar panels to the stern and off the rails. Our plan is to stay in Grenada for a couple of months (lovely, pleasant place) and then head north through the islands. We will go to a few places we really enjoyed before and try some new ones. Likely head to Bermuda in May(ish). Here is where it gets complicated. Between now and then we have to decide if we want to bring the boat to Canada. If we do we have to pay HST (sales tax) of 13%. If not we will keep the boat in the US, probably winter in NYC again and likely try to see the boat. If we come into Canada we will spend a considerable time in Newfoundland before heading up the St Lawrence.

We have not really decided if we want to do more distance cruising or not. When we were coming up the South Atlantic June made comments about us not having been to Europe yet. She also has mentioned Greenland (even though she hates the cold). We also found in wandering around in places like Peru and New Zealand that we really like travelling on land so more figuring out to do. In one way it is disconcerting not knowing what is next, in another way it is quite exciting.

In other news, it seems June is about to become an author. For those who don't know she is from China (20 years ago) and became the first woman of Chinese descent to sail around the world (something we did not know until we were done). She is a participant on a (actually the) Chinese sailing discussion group. This group has everyone from people who have never actually seen a sailboat but think they are pretty to members of the Chinese Olympic sailing team. Because of these she has had two publishers who want a book from her. One is very glitzy, a company that does movies of most of the books they do. (My family have decided that Sam Neill should play me (he has experience from Dead Calm after all) and Gong Li (the most famous Chinese actress) should play June.) I have no idea how they could make a movie about our experiences it was not that exciting, but China is a funny country. There is a lot of money floating around and a lot of people who are fascinated by the possibilities of spending all the money they have made so who knows. In any case, it sounds like she would have to go to China in the fall some time for a book tour with TV interviews book signings, etc. She has been working busily on the manuscript and they produce books in China very quickly, only a few weeks for editing and printing.
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