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I am going to post this as a warning to people considering Southwest Wind power products. Ever. I am a long time customer, but things have changed, evidently, with the customer service side of the equation. Radically. This is my rant. Let me explain:

I bought an Air-X Marine wind generator from in July 2008 (at a decent price) as a replacement for one of my ten year old units (which I was quite happy with) and had it shipped to Curacao at ridiculous FedEx expense. It worked for two days and died. I contacted Alt-E and they told me to contact Southwest Wind Power, the manufacturer, to send the unit back (at my ridiculous FedEx expense) for 'evaluation and repair'. I just wanted an exchange or my money back. However, I contacted Southwest Wind Power and they were like dealing with your local MVD. Tedious, bad music on hold (calling from Curacao, remember?), useless, insensate, and utterly without and sense of customer service. Unfortunately I run a charter yacht business and can't sit around waiting for RMAs to be generated by low level delta minus trainees. I just wanted to ship the unit back (at ridiculous FedEx expense) and get a new one so I could be on my way.

Didn't happen.

As I am in and out of the US for ten months of the year I have had to depend on spotty internet and phone connections to plead my case with both and Southwest Wind Power. Well, it's been kind of like dealing with United Airlines and broken Taylor guitars (which I own as well). No response. No return emails. No calls. No post cards. No carrier pigeons. No hand delivered apologies from Juan Valdez. No assurances of righting wrongs. No righteous redress. No smoke signals. No ****...

Hence, the rant.

Did I mention the ridiculous FedEx expenses?

I finally stopped in Trinidad before heading back to the States and replaced the two Air-X units with Kiss units. Fabulous. They work! And the people were NICE! What a concept.

So, in summary, if anyone is in anyway thinking about wind generation products, I highly recommend that you DO NOT under any circumstances consider Southwest Wind Power products (yes they look cool but don't try to send them back for love or money or exchange). There are a multitude of quality, well established, courteous and customer oriented wind generator manufacturers out there. Avail yourselves of their products.

I hope this helps prevent at least one future customer service bacchanal.

Richard Haner
s/v North Stand
Cape Canaveral

P.S. I'll be glad to ship this unit to anyone who thinks they can fix it and use it. You have to bear the ridiculous FedEx expense however...
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