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Airmar / Raymarine DST800 Transducer Issue

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We have an Airmar DST800 triducer fitted to our XP38 supplied by Raymarine and installed by a professional marine electronics company of good standing.

The original installation was done when the boat was launched in 2012.

We had a failure of the automatic flap (which prevents water ingress when removing the transducer) after about 2 months and the installer hauled out the boat and replaced the faulty unit at their cost.

During 2013 we again had the flap fail.

In March 2014 we replaced the transducer and through hull with another DST800 during our annual haul out at our own cost, again it was installed by the same company.

After the second use the flap again failed...

From discussions I've had with the installer they don't believe they have done anything wrong, so hence I need to have the discussion with Raymarine. While I'm sure they will come to the party and replace the faulty unit I doubt they will cover any haul out or installation costs which obviously sucks big time!

So I am interested in finding out if other people have had issues with the Airmar DST800 tri-ducer, specifically in regards to the flap failing.

Also what are peoples opinion regarding installation / haul out costs? Should I push Raymarine into covering these..

Information I have from Raymarine is that Airmar made adjustments to the design in 2010 as they had issues with flap failures, I suspect they may not have sorted the issue.
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Weekly swap of the blanking plug and transducer? Do tell.

I've the same unit, though blank is only in place for the winter haul.
Please post the video, thanks.

The model number being discussed is the DST800 series, correct?
Just saw the video, thanks.

I'll pull my DST800 sender this weekend and check out the flow for comparison.

That said ... it is not my expectation that the DST800 flap will stop the water flow, just slow it down. And I'm coming from a former Datamarine fitting that had no flow inhibitor :D

I'll pop my cork tomorrow. If you don't hear back, you'll know it did not go well :D
I pulled my DST800 transducer today. Far less water ingress than seen in your video. I was surprised to see how well the flapper worked. Minor geyser 2-3 inches high.
1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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