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Alcohol in the Caribbean

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What is the availability of alcohol for pressurized alcohol stoves in the Caribbean?

I am leaving this fall for a trip to the Caribbean and I would like to keep my pressurized alcohol stove rather than replacing it with LPG at a cost of roughly $1000. I understand the problems and additional expense of pressurized alcohol, but I don't think I would realize the returns on replacing the stove in one year.
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Rum at 80 cents a gallon in Cuba and it burns just fine :)
Do you use denatured alcohol? If so, it's generally available in the paint section of large chandleries such as Budget Marine. I just checked the catalog of Budget and saw that denatured alcohol sells for $14.10/gallon.

page 444.
Drink or Cook that is the Question?

How'd I stumble into this thread? I was looking for a bar and you're talking about burning the stuff... Well I'm not sure about you boatpoker... and what are you doing in Cuba are you a rum runner? Can you drink it or just cook with it?

How do I find my way out?
Take your own Coke, it's tough to get in Cuba
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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