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Always take a camera...

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While cruising, there are so many things in nature that you just don't anticipate. That's why I always carry a couple cameras. Some events are so fast you never get an opportunity to take that once in a lifetime photo, but then, sometimes you are fortunate enough to capture those images, both video and stills.

I walked out on the dock tonight where my next door neighbor has suspended an underwater lamp. The things that I've seem have been fascinating to say the least, but none as fascinating at this large, swimming nudibranch.

Gary :cool:
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OK, I have to admit I have never heard of a nudibranch . Do they often bang their head on a sea wall ? Anyhow that was cool vid , what cam did you use ?
I have to wonder , is the nudibranch related to a sea pig ?
OK , 1 of 3,000 . The pig is a slug . So just maybe it could be a distant relative of a , what the the hell was that thing called , a nudeslug or what ever . i'm thinking the nude slug came from a pig slug's breathing hole . and what was your cam .
After pain staking research I have found the nudi slug's earth bound cousin .
Well , seeing as we are on the subject of mollusk's
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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