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Always take a camera...

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While cruising, there are so many things in nature that you just don't anticipate. That's why I always carry a couple cameras. Some events are so fast you never get an opportunity to take that once in a lifetime photo, but then, sometimes you are fortunate enough to capture those images, both video and stills.

I walked out on the dock tonight where my next door neighbor has suspended an underwater lamp. The things that I've seem have been fascinating to say the least, but none as fascinating at this large, swimming nudibranch.

Gary :cool:
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That was about a 7-pound snook cruising about three feet below looking for an easy meal. I've also seen a dozen squid, some shrimp, a few sea horses, lots of snappers, moonfish, and sharks ranging 4 to 10 feet, mostly nurse sharks, but the larger ones were bull sharks. I WOULD NOT jump into the canal for a short swim. Bull sharks can be very aggressive and they scare the Hell out of me.

Gary :cool:
Damn Gary my buddy and his wife have a place on Big Pine. Summer afternoons they lay out in the canal on floats with a cooler and cocktails. I can`t imagine their reaction if they saw a Big dorsal fin cruising down the canal !
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