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This is all I've found on this boat Natey.
T for Two Micro-Tonner T42 by American Fiberglass - ShortyPen Sailboat Guide

If you aren't going to be talked out of it, start a photo journal showing your progress. You will get lots of help. (good bad and the ugly)

Seems like a reasonable size first boat. Finding a mast rigging and sails will be a challenge. Someone like Bob Perry (one of our famous boat design pros here) could maybe help you figure out the measurements and sizes you need to find, build, or buy.

This can help you understand what why and how to rig a small boat.
Rigging Small Sailboats - Title page

You can find lots of sailing stuff on craigslist and ebay if you have the time to search. Finding out the actual measurements for yourr T42 mast and boom

Where are you located? That can help you find help!

It had a "camper" top

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