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Yes, the sand is ballast. I removed it (175lbs) and replaced it with 350 lbs of lead for Long Island Sound. I put a beam across the boat under the deck, under the mast and supported it on the ends with vertical wood struts. I filled all the storage and cavities with foam. Improved rigging, sails, installed large cockpit drains, etc.
Thank you! I am so glad I found someone with this boat; apparently the manufacturer is out of business.
I was worried about the sand and thought it would maybe effect the buoyancy. I guess the air in the wall cavities are what does that?
It came with a camper top that is still in fairly good shape. It looks like it used to have poles or something to hold the fiberglass doors flaps up.
I do have some other questions I have if you have time and probably some I don't even know to ask.
Do you know anything about the camper system and if it had poles?
Have you ever tipped it and if so, does it right easily or is it a potential problem situation?
How many people have you sailed on it?
This has two metal dagger-like boards on each side and a rudder on the back, but it also has some sort of set up on the rear right for a different rudder type?
Any guidance is appreciated!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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