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Anacortes Charter Company to list boat with

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Hi All,

My wife and I moved away from the Puget Sound 2 years ago where we cruised for 5 years. We sold our C&C 34+ at that time. We miss the sailing there significantly, so much so, that we are considering buying a boat and keeping it with a charter fleet out of Anacortes.

Prior to buying the boat, I'd like to consult with a few charter companies in order to have the best strategy for buying a boat for this purpose.

Can any owners recommend a few good charter companies in the area to work with? Can any folks who've chartered out of the area make any recs based on good experiences?

... and before you ask... "why buy a boat instead of just chartering one from the company"... we plan to do a number of extended trips including the inside passage, circumnav Vancouver Is, etc that would be cost-prohibitive on a weekly charter rate. Also, this boat may eventually make it on a few longer expeditions.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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I've chartered once (last year) with Anacortes Yacht Charters - they were OK, but not quite as on top of their game as San Juan Sailing out of Bellingham at least in my limited experience. But if I were going to put a boat into charter, I think they would be OK. My impression is that San Juan Sailing has a longer list of requirements for the boats they put into their charter fleet. Are you set on Anacortes? Bellingham would be another option.
Seems like Blaine could get a little shallow. San Juan Sailing is a well-run company - they seem to always have their charter boats ready to go and generally ship-shape. We had a couple of maintenance issues on the one charter I did from Anacortes Yacht Charters, but it's hard to generalize based on one person's experience. Plus we wer the first to take out the boat for the season. Not sure about the financial side for owners - I'd recommend you compare AYC and SJS to see who will give you the best deal. You'll want to find out where your slip would be also. AYC uses more than one marina.

If you'll be going to mainly the San Juan Islands, Anacortes is definitely a little closer. But you can probably get up into the Gulf Islands and beyond a little quicker out of B-Ham. It's a pretty quick passage to South Pender to clear Customs. Buti f you're in a hurry, Bellingham Bay does seem to go on forever.

Make sure you ask about the arrangements for taking your own boat out after you put it in charter.

Good luck.
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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