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Dear folks,

This is a great thread because it is so good to know what people are actually using and what they went through to get there. Below is my experience but please remember that this is for East Coast UAS and Bahamas sailing.

When Imi and I first took off for the Bahamas we had 90' of 3/8" BBB and 250' of 5/8" Brait. That winter I found I was frequently worrying about the rope being chafed through on some bit of coral during wind/tide changes. I am not sure that fear was entirely rational but it was enough to disturb my sleep. When I replaced the chain I went to 120' of chain with 230' of Brait.

The results? In 98% of the anchoring situations I encountered from Maine to FL and the Bahamas I never even let out all 120' of chain and so had to use a snubber. When it was blowing hard I might have out all the chain and 30' of Brait which gave a wonderfully soft ride. And watching carefully for even slight signs of abrasion at the splice I saw none and concluded that when it was blowing like snot the Brait was spending most of its time up off the seabed and so not in danger.

I slept well.

I hope this helps your deliberations.

PSC 37 # 171, Kenlanu
Buck's Harbor, ME
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