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OK...another anchor question. I searched but didn't see one like it. So here goes.

My anchor is on a mount on the upper rail of the bow pulpit. See the photo below. When it is time to use the anchor, I find having to extend forward to lift it off of the mount to be rather difficult and takes far longer than I would like. The anchor is harder to lift, since I am extending forward and lifting at an angle, instead of lifting from a more vertical bodily position. Then once I get the anchor off the mount, I have to hold it from over the top rail and reach through the rails to position it again so I am not just letting it drop, possibly striking the boat.

My question is this: Would there be any reason why I wouldn't be able to place the mount on the lower rail, which is a bit closer to where I would be standing? I know...your what you want, but it had to be on the top rail for a reason. Or is there something I am doing wrong? I cannot be the only person to have experienced this. I don't use the anchor often, since I usually leave the dock, sail, return to the dock, and tie up.

Thanks in advance for any advice. :)


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I would think that it would be fine to move it to a more ergonomically sensible location as long as you take the following into account:

1) you should be able to remove it from the mount and deploy it as easily as you can with the rode fed back to where it is cleated off without any encumbrances. Remember to consider the anchor as a safety system that may need to be deployed at the worst time in the most difficult conditions. You want to be able to do that safely and as quickly as possible.

2) it should be stored in an area where it won't snag on your sail or sail control lines. This can be tough as lines tend to flail around when tacking or gybing. The last thing you want is for it to be snagged in a tack causing a mess.

3) it could be outside the pulpit taking care to place it so that it is least likely to snag a piling upon docking. It is probably more protected inside though.

4) if care to avoid snagging the sheets, you can place it inside the pulpit back from the bow but with the rode fed straight to the cleat so you can throw it / drop it from over the rail without the gyrations you talk about.

Think about the placement with those caveats in mind and you should be ok.


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