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OK...another anchor question. I searched but didn't see one like it. So here goes.

My anchor is on a mount on the upper rail of the bow pulpit. See the photo below. When it is time to use the anchor, I find having to extend forward to lift it off of the mount to be rather difficult and takes far longer than I would like. The anchor is harder to lift, since I am extending forward and lifting at an angle, instead of lifting from a more vertical bodily position. Then once I get the anchor off the mount, I have to hold it from over the top rail and reach through the rails to position it again so I am not just letting it drop, possibly striking the boat.

My question is this: Would there be any reason why I wouldn't be able to place the mount on the lower rail, which is a bit closer to where I would be standing? I know...your what you want, but it had to be on the top rail for a reason. Or is there something I am doing wrong? I cannot be the only person to have experienced this. I don't use the anchor often, since I usually leave the dock, sail, return to the dock, and tie up.

Thanks in advance for any advice. :)


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