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I'm only 6000 lbs and 26 feet but I have 5/8 X 300' simply because 5/8 is easier to pull up by hand than a smaller diameter. 30 feet of 5/16 HT chain with a 22 Delta. I never drag because I'm so light compared to the tackle.

Question . . . . . . .
Has anyone noticed the difference in quality of rope made in China versus USA? I bought a roll of Sea Bowld 5/8 X 300 made in USA for a hundred bucks because it was the last one in stock and they were clearing out. All the new Sea Bowld is manufactured in China. My roll (USA mfg) is good quality, smooth and tightly twisted. The new (China mfg) is soft, loosely twisted and snags on anything that gets near it. I mean it has snags, pulls a Fray's all over it. It's the same brand, size and part number! I've noticed the same thing in dock lines. The old stuff was tightly twisted and lasted forever no matter how you abused it. The new (Chinese) is crap.

. . . . . . . just wondering if I was alone in noticing.

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