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I had been thinking about maybe 9/16" 3-strand with 5/16" BBB chain, but really wanted to hear what folks who have owned boats for much longer might recommend.

I appreciate everyone's input!
I don't fall into the category of "owned boats for much longer" but I've been doing loads of research into anchor rodes as we're up for a new one as well. Unless a pre-existing windlass is in play, I don't understand why anyone would buy BBB chain. It's heavier and has a lower WLL by half than high test (HT/G4/G40/G43) chain. I understand wanting weight closer to your anchor for catenary but the amount of chain you're looking for isn't going to give you that much catenary and it's going to disappear when you really need it. I'm not saying that's a problem though because you should get plenty of elasticity with the amount of nylon 3 strand you're talking about. I just don't see the benefit of BBB over HT (G4/G40/G43 - I'm not sure of the difference between G40 and G43...) in your situation. Or ever for that matter.
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