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Anchor Test Results: Next Generation No Better than Older Designs

The results of an anchor holding test in the Chesapeake Bay are now available in the October 2014 issue of Seaworth or Boat Insurance: BoatUS Marine Insurance Program.

The winners are the Danforth and the Fortress.

As noted in the article: "The "next generation" anchors did not perform any better than the older designs, and there was some speculation as to whether those anchors were landing upside down and not righting themselves." (Seaworthy p. 8, Oct. 2014).

Thank you so much for pointing out why I never pay any attention to these kinds of "tests".
As someone who lives on his anchor almost every day of the year, I really couldn't care less who tests what anchors. In three years, to winds in excess of 65 mph, my "next generation" anchor has done exactly what it is supposed to do; set quickly and hold the boat where I want it to be. I NEVER back down on my anchor unless I am anchoring in a congested anchorage in zero wind, or Med style mooring, NEVER. We frequently dive to check the anchor and have rarely seen it move even one anchor full length before setting. Nothing against the Fortress or Danforth (not style, mind you, the genuine thing only), they work well at times, but neither stow well on most cruising boats' anchor rollers.
Thank you very much for your "tests", but my actual experience using an anchor trumps your trumped up "tests". Balderdash.
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