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.....often use mooring fields to get a good nights sleep , not having to worry about dragging anchors......
Welcome to the forum, I look forward to hearing more about your STT to ME travels.

It was nice of you to add to this threads query. New folks sometimes don't notice the dates on the top left corner of the posts. The original post (OP) was a long time ago. There are no rules against resurrecting whatever you like, but I wonder if it may not have been noticed.

Nevertheless, your comment about a good nights sleep on a mooring provokes some thought. If there is less than 10 kts of wind, from a steady direction, I'll take an anchor to a mooring any day. Just putting the chain down, will keep us in place, even with a lousy set. At higher wind speeds, clocking winds or reversing currents, the variable is the mooring rig itself. Most of it's critical components can't be seen. I've had at least one mooring drag on me that I'm certain of. While I've never broken free, I have been hit by another boat that did break free of theirs. Just something to think about. Again, welcome.
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