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i always anchor bow and stern where i keep my boat. why, it has crappy resetting with any anchor, it is a layer of trash over mud. the anchorage is smaller so what i do is tuck the stern in tight to the edge, drop the stern anchor, motor out till i have 100 feet of rode out and set it hard. then while the motor idles in gear i run forward and drop the bow anchor. i then put the tranny in neutral and pull the boat back by hand till i get the front scope where i want it then set the front anchor under motor, then cleat the rear. by pulling the boat back by hand i keep the rear rode out of the prop. i do this in about 12 feet of water so i wind up with about 70 feet out front and only 35 or so out back but it stops me from swinging.

i have seen boats with 10 to 1 scope with over size anchors drag in 20 knot winds, and i have not drug sense i started anchoring like this, including 50 knot nights.
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