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Bow and stern, solo

Bow and stern is something to be avoided, if possible. I've done it, solo, but only under the most favorable conditions.

As shown by the Cabo San Lucas disaster of 1982, if things go wrong with the weather, and you're set up B&S, it can be unlikely that you'll extract yourself successfully. See the writeups on that event by the Pardeys or by Dashew.

But in settled weather, if you've got to, then it becomes a kind of Zen thing: go with the prevailing forces. Drop the bow anchor, drop back to 2x scope, drop the stern anchor and winch yourself up to the midpoint. Disassemble in the reverse order of assembly. Don't try to fight a crosswind, either dropping or retrieving. Reread the last sentence.

Among other things, that procedure requires that you have enough rode on the pointy end to let out 2x scope in the depth you find yourself in.

Once you're anchored B&S, if there's a crosswind, the forces on the whole system become REALLY big.

If things start to go wrong with the weather, be prepared to weight, cut away, and sink (i.e. lose) your stern rode and anchor in order to make your escape.

If I find myself in an anchorage where I've got to anchor B&S, I move to another anchorage.
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