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Anchoring in Baltimore's Inner Harbor for fireworks?

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I know there are places to anchor in the Inner Harbor where you can get an awesome view of the fireworks later on. Does anyone have any knowledge of areas that might not be open that are usually, and what the boating crowd is like that day? Is it possible to find a spot if you come in that afternoon, or is spending the previous night there on the hook the only way to get a spot?

Thanks for any and all advice!
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there is an anchorage next to the torsk ( the sub ) by the paddle boats.

but dont bother the main stuff is not downtown. come to fells point its free, and closer to the main stuff. i will be there, and check your pm's
I was thinking more of around the Domino's plant, maybe in the pool there by the Downtown Sailing Center. I guess anywhere out of the shipping channel is OK, right?
fells point is right across from domino sugar. yes you could anchor over there but i dont know if you can get away with over night and i would not want to try to get out right after the fireworks it does get nuts.

you can get away with overnight anchoring by the turning basin near fort mchenry, just stay close to the edge, there is also an anchorage between BMC and anchoage marinas, but use plenty of scope as its a trash bottom.
FWIW, I would anchor for the night. First and only time I did the harbor for fireworks a cigarette boat came so close to us on the way home that the spray got us all wet, he must have been doing 60+

Never again will I venture out after the 4th. ;)

Frederick has nice fireworks. I think I'll stick to those.
okay, the fire works barge will be right next to domino, i am tied at the end of the fells point peir about 500 yards from domino, maybe less. if anybody wants come down to fells and raft to me, boat name is salty dawg or pm for my number.

jas come down, if its early you can get a spot here for free or raft up. and you can do over night here with out a problem
The Museum of Industry/Downtown Sailing Center are opening the pavilion for fireworks. DSC doesn't have any official events on the calendar but I'm betting the sailors will be around.

The pool right by them is Harborview Marina. Jenny and I plan on watching the fireworks from there. Sailing during the day should be fun, but navigating around the drunken crazies at night doesn't seem fun.

I'm curious, is there a place in Fells or Canton to dock without paying a daily slip fee? Or what's the cheapest option?
I wouldn't anchor at the Inner Harbor (near the sub). We did it once. There is 25' of water; with scope, that's 175' (350' diameter). The wind is all over the place and we ended up tying to the public pier at 0200. Never again. Now that I'm much older and have a more robust bank account, we stay at the marina directly across from the sub. Everything is within easy walking distance. There is NO WAY that's I'd be exposed on an anchor on the 4th in Baltimore.

beer + holiday + heat + night + 8000 hp + idiot = disaster.
fells point is free, just tie up on the right side of the pier to the left of where the water taxi pulls in or in other words on the same pier as the black eyed susan but the other side. you will see other boats here almost all the time. they kind of informally limit it to a week or so.
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