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I've seen a few reports where a SS cable is better than chain. It allows the anchor to dig deeper, hence a bit more pull out force to remove it.

A kedge to me is a smallish anchor that can be thrown, to pull you off. Maybe I am screwed up in the brain, would not be the first time. If I was to go this way, one of the new gen anchors like the Lewmar fast set I have works well on my boat. ie a 9 lb one, I've held myself, pulled myself better than equal wt danforths against my 30' 6500 or so lb boat. Held myself as RC duty in 10-15 knot winds one night. I do have a 6' chucnk of 3/8 bbb chain.

aha ... so having seen the glory that is the SS Bruce you now want SS cable ? Getting a bit fancy pants in your old age Marty ? :p
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