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A kedge to me is a smallish anchor that can be thrown, to pull you off.
I agree, and I'm guessing that is what the OP is really asking about here... A hook that can be taken out in a tender, for instance, without having to drag along a lot of chain, and used only for a straight line pull, and not for extended anchoring thru wind shifts or changes in tidal streams, etc...

A Danforth is excellent for that purpose, once it is set... And, therein lies the rub :) Lighter weight Danforths, like the Hi-Tensile or Fortress, can sometimes be a bit difficult to set without some assist from the weight of some chain, particularly on a shorter scope... But the real problem is likely to arise, if the bottom is fairly hard, or very grassy. If there's any kelp about, forget about it...

the ultimate kedge anchor that might be used without chain, in my view would be a stainless Northill... Great holding power to weight ratio, it will set in just about anything right where you drop it, without depending on the weight of chain... the major downsides are, they are pretty bulky even when folded up for stowage, and they are quite rare and difficult to find these days...

Even better would be another version of the Northill called a Pekny, which was a beautifully made anchor from stainless that could be taken apart and stowed easily... But they were only made for a few years, and are even more rare, and close to impossible to find...

But, when all is said and done, one of the new gen Spade/Rocna/Manson/Mantus would all serve as a pretty good kedge anchor, as well...
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