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There was no failure at all!
After the ship plowed through the boats at the marina, they headed out to sea, without as much as a VHF call.
Norwegian coast guard boarded the vessel an hour later, and held the captain for questioning.
A dreadfull act of the captain with no thoughts for the boats.
I could link to articles to about the incident, but they are all in danish or norwegian.
We can run the articles through Google translator.
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Around 22 o'clock on July 6 was
a small marina in Levanger , Norway radio
criticized by a Coaster astray. See it
here , and read what happened afterwards!
When we go to sea and encounters the large ships kept
that we always properly looking and gives good space, but
that we must also be vigilant when we sit happily in
port , has few enough imagination to imagine .
one July
evening this year , should coaster Cyprus cement ,
sail from Levanger and before that turn the ship explored
the small marina . Something went wrong , however , and coaste-
clean drive over to one of the pontoons . And here goes
it completely wrong . Instead of stopping the screw and let
tugboat take over, choose the captain to sail
out of the problem by putting the rudder in tables
and let the large screw to rotate. It created great
destruction and luckily there was no personal
viduals in the devastated both .
You can see video footage here , but we caution
the powerful images . If you have nerves of steel ,
you can screw well up the volume.
If you look carefully at the beginning of the film , you can
see that there are two people in the port side of the back and
see it all!
But it gets worse ...
So we sail when just ahead!
That in itself can be difficult enough to grasp the macro-
maneuvers , but imagining that as master
then just run away , is the most unthinkable.
After Cyprus Cement had left the marina
smashed and sinking boats, the ship continued on
his journey. Not so much as a call on the VHF radio
one or the phone to authorities or others.
The Norwegian police , assisted by the Coast Guard had
Thus sail out to the ship, to interrogate the crew
and captain.
The ship belonging to the company Jepsen Norway , which is not
be confused with the Danish company Jebsen , who
has nothing to do with misæren .
What impact this has had on the captain and
crew is unknown , but the marina is already
largely rebuilt , but three boats sank and eight other
injured very seriously.
With this in mind , there is enough reason to kept
the great distance to the big ships
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