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annapolis sailboat show

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Hey Chesapeake Bay Sailors,

I'm planning to attend the sailboat show by boat. If I want to go to the Friday show should I plan to pick up a mooring ball earlier in the week or will moorings be available Thursday afternoon?
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Try calling the Annapolis harbor-masters office first. They can give you good info for moorings and anchoring in and around Annapolis.
The last few times I sailed to the show, I anchored in Weems Creek, on the Severn River. Always room to anchor, and if you get lucky, there may be an open USNA mooring. They're FREE. About 2 blocks from the dinghy landing is the USNA stadium, with free shuttles to the show. Very nice.
Last year the moorings were already gone a week before the show (right around now). I'm fairly confident that you will not get a mooring on Thursday (the show starts on Thursday), but as said - there are plenty of places to anchor. Weems Creek, Back Creek (although I've heard that there may be less room than usual there due to Port Annapolis expansion) and by the Naval Academy (though that may be full already too). Of course, this year may be an aberration due to the economy, so you might want to call the Annapolis harbormaster to find out.

Thank you for your replies. I'll set my sights on Weems Creek and keep in touch with the harbormaster just in case he knows of an available morring.

s/v Foxglove
Dont forget to meet the other sailneters on friday night.
I got a private dock on Spa Creek for the Show week. There are alot of empty docks a private homes for rent on both Spa and Back Creek. My broker found mine as the boat is in town to be shown as it is for sale.
Dont forget to meet the other sailneters on friday night.
Where and when are folks meeting Friday night?
Where and when are folks meeting Friday night?

Check out this thread:

I love the Boatshow, but the dilemma is that Columbus Day weekend is our traditional family fall cruise. Typically some of the best sailing of the year. Very tough to give that up....
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