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2008 is nearly done and Christmas draws so near
The posters have hung in there for yet another year
Sailnet carries on, though with some changes, to be sure
To answer newbies' questions, but some rivalries endure

Off Topic's taken over, as members vent their spleen
On politics and warfare, and whether Al Gore's green
Sway still likes to stir the pot, to agitate the masses
Some will say that he just needs some new rose-coloured glasses

And then there's Smackdaddy, who disdains those breezes light
And whose avatar clearly shows someone who's found a fight
Moderators come and go, and we lost Camaradarie
A man of ethics and principle, as most can plainly see

Sailing Dog continues as our under-aged curmudgeon
Incurring among others some extremely high dudgeon
Yet helpful when he wants to be, for the young or old
Look out, though, if his answer comes to you typeface bold!

There has been some sadness too, we've all shed a tear
As brave young Courtenay lost her battle earlier this year
And Robert Gainer, by all accounts a sailor extraordinaire
Cast his lines for a final sail… sometimes life's not fair

In other news, sometime this spring Alex took a sabbatical
Some others too, though most of them not quite so fanatical
But now he's back and posting, and though he still complains of snow
There's none of it in Portugal, he'll post pictures so we'll know.

Despite the talk of global warming, we're firmly in winter's grip
Good luck to any of we northerners planning to take a trip
A coast-to-coast white Christmas, that's a fairly rare event
It's the way it's supposed to be, it's what Christmas meant.

So in conclusion (enough, already, you're saying as you read)
A year's gone by (our granddaughter is growing like a weed)
To all of you we wish a future of happiness and cheer
Merry Christmas, season's greetings and a Happy New Year

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Well done, Faster!:)

Here's wishing all our snow-blanketed Canadian neighbors a warm winter hearth, followed by an early spring, continued prosperity, and of course fine sailing in the New Year!

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Merry Christmas Faster... :)
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