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Hi Austin,

Add me to the list of those encouraging you.

I do have some thoughts.

There are a number of marinas in Baltimore Harbor that allow liveaboards. First, since you are away so much of the time you may not need to label yourself as a liveaboard. When I traveled as much as you I "lived" on my boat in a no-liveaboard marina - since I wasn't aboard every night the marina considered me a frequent user and not a liveaboard. *grin*

You won't find much interesting diving in the Chesapeake. Visability is awful.

Things like a Refrigerator, HW, heat, AC are pretty important to me, because if I'm not comfortable then I know it won't last.
My thinking is much like yours. Refrigeration is easy - there are lots of good, low-power systems available. Hot water is also straightforward. Look at diesel heaters (Espar and Webasto) for heat. A/C pretty much requires a generator off the dock. At anchor or on a mooring, even very warm weather can be tolerated so you might try A/C only on shore power.

Being in Baltimore makes BWI readily available for commuting.

Leaping into liveaboard on a mooring might be a bit much. I'd recommend you start in a marina and see how it goes. I particularly suggest BMC by the Safeway and West Marine.

The things that drove a lot of my decision making in early days: water in the winter, laundry, WiFi or other Internet access, parking, quiet, access to groceries, and storage. YMMV.
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