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Hi all

Im slowly building a website to bring together lots of reviews on location's, different boats and how to's(Anchoring in the med, picking up a mooring ball etc) I'm aiming at the charter market, so trying to keep it simple :)

Im currently writing this all myself and was wondering if anyone would be interested in writing something for the site. It can be anything sailing related. Your favorite bay/bar :) The top 10 things to do in the BVI's, how to use a med moor with a lazy line etc any pictures or videos also greatly appreciated.

I can't offer much in return but a link back to your blog or website or just a mention on my website.

Cheers Luke

oh you can contact me here EDIT: Removed Link that is in violation of forum rules. Jeff_H Sailnet Moderator.
For the MODs hope this is ok to post this here, feel free to move it if you think it belongs elsewhere
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