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Any one have info on a Mark 25?

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I am looking at possibly buying a 1985 Mark 25. To my knowledge there was only about 30ish of them built but they were designed by one of the presidents of C & C Yachts at the time but not actually built by C & C. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about these boats. They look just like a C & C 25.
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re:Mark 25

I have a bit of infor for you.
Mark 25's started out on Old Saybrooke CT manufactured by none other than Marks Yachts. Then they were made by Sumner Yachts near Bayport NY and finally they were made by Eli Laminates. Only in production for a couple of years there are still some out there. So far I have heard of these ones.

2 in or around Bayport. I have been in contact with the owners but one was sold this summer.
1 was destroyed about a year and a half ago. It had been parked (abandoned) behind Eli's and was wrecked by the town just days before I was to purchase it.
Another was just sold this spring in CT
Another was sold by some camp in NY on Ebay about two years ago
My friend in Bayport tells me of another one that is either for sale or could be but it too is in need of attention.
There is one in Nova Scotia that is being advertised as an Ontario Mark 25 but Ontario Yachts never made them and it is definitely a Mark 25. However it is the only one I have heard of that has an inboard motor.
2 of them are in Northern Ontario where they are tough competition to beat in the races. They are s/n 13 and 14. I am the proud owner of #13.

I had the scanned images of the original brochure from Sumners if you want I can try to find it and get it to you.

If I can be of any further help let me know and I'll do my best

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Re Mark 25

Just a couple of other things

Just found another Mark in Mississauga Ontario. Pat Sturgeon Yachts has one for sale.

2nd. I was reading your other posts and was wondering if we have a friend in common. If you bought a Mark and are keeping it in Patagouche I suspect you bought Bills? I know he loved that boat. Nevermore II I think she was.

laminates in Oakdale, Long Island.

I obviously have photo's.

That's about all I know at this point.

Feel free to contact me.
Hello, this is the second reply as the first was too long I guess and didn't allow me to send it.
I just bought the Mark 25 at Pat Sturgeon Yachts on Nov. 22/07
I had it insured through Robertson & Robertson Yacht Insurance Ltd. Andrew Robertson researched the HIN # and found that this boat was built by Ontario Yachts. He contacted an employee there and was told that Ontario was contracted by Mark Yachts to build the Mark 25 and Mark 19 models. The employee could only remember 5 being built due to the economic times.

I have an original brochure from Mark Yachts.

The designer was George Cuthbertson, who left C & C to build an affordable boat. Built as a cruiser, but could easily win club races.
I also have original pages from YACHTING February 1985 with specs and commentary. The 25 is very similar to a Tanzer 31 in design.
Feel free to contact me. I have some photo's before it was taken out for the winter.
Mark Yachts History

The first five Mark 25s were built to order by Ontario Yachts in Toronto. The designer was the founder of C&C Yachts" George C. Another ~12 were built by Eli Laminates in Long Island. After that construction stopped due to the crash of the industry. Additional, larger models, were designed but never built. If you need additional information I can be contacted directly at cawshus at embarqmail dot com.
Eli Laminates is still around

Three years ago I bought the Mark 25 on ebay that was mentioned in an earlier post. It had a broken mast, but a rep from Eli Laminates in Long Island had seen the auction and contacted me about a mast they had in their rafters. It was from a boat that ran aground. The mast was damaged, but I bought it anyway. I was able to fabricate one usable mast from the 2 damaged ones I had.

Eli Laminates now builds dinghys and does fiberglass repair, but they had a storeroom with lots of new old stock from the production of the Mark 25 in 1985. I left with new turning blocks, Nicro vent, and an improved design stem head fitting for the forestay. It was nice to replace some 20 yr old wornout hardware with new using the exact same bolt holes. If there are any Mark 25s out there that need hardware, it may be worth giving Eli Laminates a call.
Additional Info on Mark 25

I also have the scanned brochures and a letter from George Cutbertson (one of the C's in C&C) regarding how to set up a Mark 25 for racing. I would also be interested in receiving the scanned pages from the 1985 magazine article. I can be reached at mark25sail at verizon dot net. Thanks.
Mark 25

Hello all,

Just joined this morning,had been looking for info on the Mark 25 when I came accross this site. Looks like recent activity about this boat. I just purchased this boat and was looking for any info on spec's etc. I am about to purchase a trailer and was especially interested in the boats weight. Any help with details of my Mark 25 would be very much appreciated. Best to all Bill
Info on Mark 25

I am a new member also and can not respond to you directly, until I have 5 posts (sailnet rules). Send me an email at mark25sail at verizon dot net and I will forward you what I have.
I have recently purchased a Mark 19 at auction. I have googled my fingers to the bone looking for specs on the boat. I have contacted Ontario yachts, where it was built, to no avail. I am waiting for a reply at the moment from North Sails about the sail plan. I have only had it about a week and haven't splashed yet...the boat looks fast. I am planning on racing it.It is a Cuthburtson design for sure. I would appreciate any info anyone has on the Mark 19.
Sail Info, Mfg brochures

I have brochures and info, but the files are too large to upload here. Send me an email to mark25sail at verizon dot net and I will send them to you.
For sail info, go to baconsails dot com in Annapolis and search by manfucturer- Mark. The main is big, a popular size for 30-32' cruisers so it can overpower our 25' really fast; so make sure you rig your reefs.

I want to add a depthsounder to mine, and wondered if anyone out there has one in their Mark 25- where is the best place to put an in-hull transducer?
Many Thanks

Thanks for the info BlowBoat, much appreciated.
I'm reviving this thread as I've become a recent owner of a Mark 25 built in 1984 by Ontario Yachts. It's the one in Nova Scotia mentioned by siberios that has an inboard motor. Are there any owners still out there that would like to connect? I'd love to get some more info about it!
Basically the same as Peter above me. Just bought Godspeed in Patchogue, NY. If anyone has any info or tips I'd love to connect.
Basically the same as Peter above me. Just bought Godspeed in Patchogue, NY. If anyone has any info or tips I'd love to connect.
I just bought a Mark 25 a month ago - the Mary James. I think this is the original name. Would be great to connect with others Mark 25 owners. davidtq88 at gmail
Hi David, I bought mine, Godspeed, this year as well. It's in Patchogue, NY. Nice to meet you.
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