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Any Solo Sailors?

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Hi All,

Are there any "regular" solo sailors lurking about? I'd like to pick your brains about solo sailing - inshore, coastal and off shore. :)

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Good info here: Resources | Singlehanded Sailing Society, especially the links under Seminar Materials.

There's nothing more satisfying than figuring out by yourself how to handle nature's elements of wind and sea, along with a bunch of man-made elements thrown in for good measure. Because I am generally impatient and impulsive, the most important aspect for me is to stop and think things through first. There's practically nothing so important to deal with that it can't take 30 seconds or a minute to contemplate before jumping into it. The second most important thing is to remember "it's just paint...". Don't sweat the small stuff ;)
EXACTLY, I couldn't agree more...

For a solo sailor, the desire to be able to do everything without ever leaving the cockpit is counter-intuitive, and precisely the wrong approach, in general terms... Anyone uncomfortable with leaving the cockpit or going forward shouldn't be sailing alone, to begin with... :)

As sailors age, if anything they should be making a concerted effort to move MORE around their boats, instead of less...
This is like beating a dead horse, but here goes.

Deciding how to handle your own boat that makes sense for you is a personal preference and you have to figure out what works for you when there's no one around to lend you a hand. Being scared is a whole 'nother animal that you would need to assess than how you might lead your lines.

Post Script: I started single handing almost a year after I got my boat at age 48. It's interesting to start sailing late in life because I can research every different opinion without much inherent bias and then figure out what works best, though the old salts might find this a crazy trial-and-error sort of way to learn.
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1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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