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Hi all,

I recently bought (for not quite a song) a 16'-10" daysailer built in 1976 by "Sunsail."

I've looked and looked, and can find no reference online for the manufacturer or the boat. It doesn't help my online searching that "Sunsail" also happens to be a mega charter outfit.

Its setup and hull design lead me to think it may've been intended as a go-fast boat back in the day, so before I rip into it I'd like to get as much info as I can.
(Yes, the mast in the pic has a good bit of anti-rake; never mind...)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide some background on this little boat!


PS: I'm a landlocked Central Oregon sailor who's been away from the water since 2000 or so; sailed and lived aboard a 44' Spencer ketch in Portland and up/down the PNW coast for 7 years.



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Re: Anybody know about "Sunsail"? (The manufacturer, not the charter company)

Doesn't sound applicable to your Little boat, but Sunsail boats are often Jeanneau's built to a specific Sunsail charter requirement.
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