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All I see there is ...

I managed to track down a company in California that sold through eBay. They had been able to import these cheaper SunPower panels.


Can you name the vendor please?
You need to be careful with knock off panels as you never know what you get. The Chinese are most often buying the cells that don't pass inspection or are considered "A" grade. To the naked eye the product is a great look-a-like but under closer inspection you can see why they are not "performs-like"...

This is a severe level of microcracking of the cells on a brand new, just out of the box, Chinese knock-off panel... The polymers used in the Chinese panels are also not the same, so how long they will hold up to UV is another question mark? The inventor of these panels still has a patent on the technology, which the Chinese ignored.. Yep cheaper because they stole the technology (did not have to do the actual R&D), or tried to interpret it, but look-a-like is not always the same thing... Caveat emptor....

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