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Anyone here sail Percy Priest Lake in TN ?

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I am contemplating a relocation from the Detroit area. Currently have a Catalina 27. Was curious about the lake and if I should consider bringing my boat down - or selling and buying something in the area.

How is the sailing in general on that lake ?


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I bought my Santana 525 from there and had it delivered to Cherokee lake east of Knoxville. The sea trial there was great, just need to watch out for the shallow areas.
Percey Priest Lake

The Percy Priest Yacht Club has a web page with lots of information about racing, social events and sailing in general. A 27 would be great for that lake:)
I sail Kentucky Lake which is about 2 hours (by car) from PP in Nashville. There are several sailors that bring boats up for our regattas in the spring. These guys are really active sailors and have a good group sailing there. I would reccomend checking them out.
I used to sail there quite a bit. It's great fun. Try to get into Elm Hill Marina.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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