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Anyone keep an old tire aboard for tow-assist/fender/sea-anchor duty?

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Recently dinghied out an old fatused car tire from my g/f's car trunk to my convalescent Columbia 40 at moor...a nice fat 235 /R17 ...
I have hauled one aboard before...on my old C-29....briefly...for a trip up to Cedar that I got the C-40 awhile back, there's more room for selective additions like this...It's mostly a love of the rustic and and quaint side of nauticalia that drives me to do things like this...suppose.....but there seems to also be a faint but genuine impulse of practicality that may supply this urge from time to time...Btw..I know they leave a nice black rubber residue on most things...but I'd rather save my good cone-shaped orange sea anchor for dedicated sea-anchor duty..not for multi-purpose towing stability and for when u just need one more fender when "rafting up".
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Car tires should only be used aboard work boats, never a sailboat. :eek:
SlopeJonB: a post without an explaination isn't much to read.
A comment without a sense of humour isn't much to read either. :rolleyes:
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