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Definitely a pass. Sailing is supposed to be fun.;)

Just to respond to your original question. I've sailed a bit on the shoal draft O'Day 22 (my brother had one for a number of years). Not much keel there at all. However, it sails surprisingly well considering. They are fine for lakes and protected coastal waters. But there's not much belowdecks to make things comfortable for overnighting. If that's what you're interested in doing, I'd look for something a bit larger with a bigger cabin.

If you don't need much by way of cabin space, compare the OD 22 with the Catalina 22. There should be more Catalinas around, some of them much newer.

P.S. To add some price perspective.... My brother's O'Day 22 (which he acquired about a dozen+ years ago -- since sold), was about the same vintage but was in far better condition than the one you describe. He got it for free from someone who was done with it. No trailer, though.

In my opinion, those folks should pay you to take that load off their hands.
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