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There are a few schools of thought on preparing meals on board a boat.
The first one is called camping out! This is where you bring foods and kitchen hardware like one is camping out in the woods. This can go from prepackage food stuff, prepared meals from home to cooking over the grill. Most bring snack stuff and lots of drinks.
The second one is called, Same old same old.. Here people cook and eat on the boat like they do at home. The galley has most of the same utensils as at home. Some better because of the environment of cooking on a boat. Best advise here is don't change for the sake of change.
The last one is what I call the Entertainer. Here one cooks better than at home because of the social network on the boat, docks and yacht clubs. Great food is prepared for the potluck, social gatherings or just to enjoy great food in a great environment.
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