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I went from a six gallon metal tank to a three gallon plastic tank when I bought a new 8 hp two stroke engine about 8 years ago. The tank locker on my Oday 23 (under a seat) was clearly designed to accomodate the then-standard six gallon metal tank. The three gallon plastic tank that came with my Nissan engine is much smaller. I honestly don't miss the extra fuel capacity. I think I used to fill up the big tank twice, maybe three times a season. I obviously have to do it more with the smaller tank, but I like always having fresh fuel anyway. As a side note, when I first got the new engine and saw how small the three gallon tank was, I went to West Marine and looked at buying a new 6 gallon tank (the vent and guage on the old tank were broken...). The new "standard" plastic 6 gallon tank was marginally too big to fit in the tank locker on my boat, at least according to the published specs. I never bought one to check, and I've never missed it. When I go on a long trip, I bring a 2.5 gallon tote with me for extra capacity. I've never had to use it.
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