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nightOwl, you might want to read up on some of those systems and see what gearheads have traditionally done in cars.

A true "sender" for an idiot light may actually be a simple SWITCH. You can't convert that into a resistance-based sender, which typically changes resistance from roughly 0-240 ohms. So you need to find out what is on the engine and confirm what resistance range it is, or what range your replacement will be, and calibrate with it.

Extending or t-ing oil lines is also problematic. More lines, more fittings, and especially t's, tend to give you more oil leaks followed by total loss of oil pressure, a messy problem. That's why electric senders are considered the way to go, with no t's.

yes, you can kludge almost anything but you've got two distinct projects to sort out. One being the "simple" analog-to-digital conversion and display. The other being how to wire up sensors on an engine.
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