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Whoops! Looks like you're right about the senders being limit. Here is an example of what someone did to "tee" in a coolant temp gauge.

Wonder how I would do this for oil pressure.
You will need a T and a nipple.

Locate the oil pressure limit switch. Unscrew it from the engine block. Thread a nipple to extend the oil pressure "gallery" to a more convenient location. Thread the "T" onto the nipple. Install the oil pressure limit switch, and the oil pressure sender (which is a potentiometer/varistor/rheostat).

On my vessel, instead of a nipple, the PO used a 2 foot length of high pressure hose. He mounted the senders away from the engine, on a bulkhead.
Here is a pic of the boat (when I first inspected her).

You can see next to the old battery charger (long since gone) the hose, the "T" and both senders (one of which is behind the raw water hose, above the mixing elbow).
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