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Are NADA Values accurate ?

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I'm wondering if NADA values are accurate,the reason I ask is that I'm going to look at a 1974 Catalina 22 swing keel on Sunday,the guy says its in great shape for the age of the boat.I looked it up and its dead on pricewise,but then I looked at a newer boat and it was 2000 under the NADA.Being a total newbie at this I'd hate to overpay.
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I don’t know how accurate NADA values are for boats, however I owned a Catalina 25 for ten years so here is my advice, you may take it for exactly what you paid for it……….:D

Catalina 22’s as well as C25’s have a lot of variables that can make the value swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. The two main variables are the condition and age of the sails, and the age and condition of the outboard motor. Followed by the age and condition of the standing and running rigging. Most of the rest is cosmetics. Of course a trailer adds value to either model.

A 1974 model will have a few areas where a newer model, say 1986 or newer, has some benefits. The older models (pre-1986) used aluminum framed windows. They are difficult to repair and stop leaks. The post ‘85 models have acrylic windows. While just as prone to leak, they are a lot easier to fix.

Whatever year you may look at, if you look at a swing keel version, is to look at the lifting hardware and for any previous damage to the swing keel trunk.

Catalina’s made after 1986, in my opinion, are what I would be looking at.
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