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Are NADA Values accurate ?

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I'm wondering if NADA values are accurate,the reason I ask is that I'm going to look at a 1974 Catalina 22 swing keel on Sunday,the guy says its in great shape for the age of the boat.I looked it up and its dead on pricewise,but then I looked at a newer boat and it was 2000 under the NADA.Being a total newbie at this I'd hate to overpay.
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Five years ago when I was shopping for Catalinas in the 25-32' range I did a lot of comparisons between data and NADA data. These were all boats that were 15 years old and newer. As a general rule, NADA values seemed to be about 20% low from actual selling prices shown in Soldboats.

However, as others have said, there's a huge variability in how the boats have been maintained, and that dictates a boat's value far more than any average valuation. You're much better off spending more for the best maintained boat.
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