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Are NADA Values accurate ?

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I'm wondering if NADA values are accurate,the reason I ask is that I'm going to look at a 1974 Catalina 22 swing keel on Sunday,the guy says its in great shape for the age of the boat.I looked it up and its dead on pricewise,but then I looked at a newer boat and it was 2000 under the NADA.Being a total newbie at this I'd hate to overpay.
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My parents sold their similarly kept and professionally maintained (ie - my father wanted to sail and had no interest in maintaining, but knew the value of doing it) 1984 for that exact price 7 years ago. Given the market crash for used boats in the interim, it's probably 500-1000 overpriced, but also probably worth it (to you) as a half or full boat unit is nothing compared to the price of attempting to fix deferred maintenance.
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One thing to look at that would say that price is more than fair is if he upgraded the winches to self tailing along the way. Those weren't standard in 1974, I don't believe. The cost of retrofitting would be more than the price difference I stated.
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