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Hi Guys,

I will sailing in the Around Long Island Ragatta (ALIR) tomorrow. No, not on m boat, but on the boat I have been racing on this year. The boat is a nicely prepared 1988 C&C 35. The name of the boat is RJMS and we are in the PHRF spinnaker division.

If anyone cares, info on the race is here:

We start Thursday at 6:00PM. The sailing instructions are pretty simple: start at a point off Rockaway beach (near JFK airport) and sail around long island (pass Montaiuk point, then Orient Point, then enter the sound) and finish off Glen Cove. The direct route is about 190nm. If the wind is decent we should finish early on Saturday.

This will be a number of 'firsts' for me:
-First time being in the open ocean (my only previous ocean experience was a short trip from Orient Point to Block Island)
-First time spending more than 24 hours in a row at sea
-First time using a harness and tether
-First time sleeping at sea (taking a 30 minute nap on a 6 hour coastal trip doesn't count).
and so on

I will have my SPOT GPS tracker on and active. If anyone wants to see where we are, use this link:
Please wait for redirect

Wish me luck!

Gotta love those C&C 35 MKIII;););):):):):):laugher:laugher:laugher:laugher
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