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I'm trying to figure out the best way to rig the tack line for a new asymmetrical spinnaker on my catalina 27. I will be using a block on the anchor roller for now, but I am wondering what will be best way to lead the line aft to the cockpit.

Will stanchion mounted blocks work or will the load possibly get too large?

Alternatively, I could go right over the top of the coach roof to the winch and cleat at the aft end of it, but the line would be be chafing against part of the roof fiberglass in the front and then a part of the line would rub on the top of the traveler track which is mounted on the coach roof at the aft end of the line. I don't imagine this would be a problem as long as I am not adjusting the line too often. But it doesn't look very shipshape.

If anyone has any pictures of how they have their boats rigged, I would love to see 'em!
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