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Hello :) , I've been looking for a bilge keeled sailboat around the 30' mark to use as a liveaboard for some time. I've been looking at a 28' Atlanta 8.5, bilge keeled model, in Portsmouth, UK. It was laid down in 1977 at Fareham by Atlanta Marine, and i understand it is based on the Macewster 28 to some extent. I have been unable to find any information on the net about where she might be cored, so thought i'd ask if anyone here had any experience or knowledge with/of the 8.5?

Some context

I have managed to establish that the hull, cockpit sides and cabin sides are uncored. I believe she is cored on all walking surfaces as the fibreglass thickens approx 3'' away from the deck-hull join, as if it was bulked up by coring, and in parts, the cabin deck just feels too solid to be uncored grp. Unfortunately on the deck towards the forestay and on the rear of the cabin roof there are two long patches running back port and starboard that make a dull thud type noise when tapped. This is distinctly unlike the solid high pitched sound made along the top of the cabin roof (where there are no fixtures and gravity would not lead water to collect).

The things i'd really like to find out about

My main question is whether it is my imagination or this model of boat does indeed use coring? If so, could anyone point out if the coring is where i imagine it to be? Then finally (and i know this is difficult to advise on without examining yourself), given the dull sounding areas are not yet spongy, do you think it is too late to drill holes and dry out, or has delamination occurred to the extent that i will need to cut out and replace large sections of coring?

Any help and/or suggestions would be much appreciated!

Thanks :),
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