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I''ve been having some difficulty with my engine and wondered if someone has an idea of what''s going on before I dive into it myself. Here''s the problem:

About a month ago my engine was flooded with water and the oil emulsified. I changed the oil. Two weeks ago I ran the engine again and again emulsified oil, so I suspect that I have a blown gasket. When I started the engine last weekend to warm it in order to remove the oil it ran for about five minutes then came to a shuddering stop. Now it won''t even turn over.

This is what I''m pretty certain it is not:

A bad battery (I put my car battery in and still no show by the starter).

Both the key and start button are functional (i''m getting 12volts to the coil.

I''m getting 12v to the solenoid.

For your info, the starter was not flooded, only about 5" up from the bottom of the engine.

Any ideas?

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